astral projection guide

Not everyone believes in what is called Astral voyage. It is something known to people who believe in astral predictions and astrology. It is actually a journey into the future in a star-studded galaxy. It should be noted that not everyone has the ability to do a journey like this or guide others. You will have to learn special techniques and teachings in order to do an astral voyage successfully.

Spiritual people believe that everyone leaves the body during nighttime and when you want to go on an astral travel you will have to put your physical mind to sleep. A lot of people do not remember this. The reason why you need to put your physical mind to sleep is, that once your physical mind is asleep, your subconscious mind takes over. Then again, trying to make an astral voyage can be difficult for most individuals. The reason for this is that many individuals tend to make things more difficult than they actually are.

Anyone who wants to go on an astral voyage has to train the techniques thoroughly. The first thing you will have to do is to relax and keep your focus. The basic thing you will have to train and master is deep and slow breathing. It is also important to train how to relax your mind and your muscles. After that you will have to train and activate your chakras. Start by warming up through the relaxation exercises. Imagine that your chakras are moving around you. In general it takes between two to three days before you feel that your chakras are activated. It may take even longer.

A good thing are binaural beats, they help a lot making an astral voyage easier. Binaural beats are designed to help your physical mind to sink into brain wave frequencies, which will make astral travel possible.

Also, they will help you stay focused when your body is completely asleep. In addition, you need to feel the vibrations. Once you have mastered the relaxation techniques and mind focus, you need to learn how to feel the vibrations or vibes.

It is also really important to stay focused on the floating or sinking sensation. This will help you to get closer to astral projection. Once you are close enough, you will begin to feel tingling sensations because energies are surging through your body. Allow these energies flow through your body.

It will take some time and training before you will understand how to control and use them. Shape these energies into balls of energy. Once you have trained and master all of the steps above, it is time for your first astral voyage.

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