astral projection live

What is astral projection trance and is it really true that the human being is capable of such? Known by many as astral traveling, it is a state in which the living spirit is believed to depart from the physical body. This is achieved when a person is in a deep subconscious state or when in a daze as a result to deep meditation. For some people, the concept of “out of body experience” sounds absurd and almost impossible. Little do they know that astral travel has been experienced by many over the centuries, mostly by those who have achieved spiritual actualization.

During the state of astral projection trance, consciousness and thoughts go beyond the physical body. In the process, the astrophysical body and consciousness are said to separate while the five senses of sight, touch, smelling, hearing, and tasting still function as though in a normal state of waking.

You may wonder by now how astral projection works and if any average person is capable of achieving this so-called mystical voyage. Here is a brief explanation of the concept. As our etheric bodies relax in a deep sleep, it expands and opens itself to continuously absorb energy. As it charges and accumulates a certain amount of energy, the chakras will overflow into the energy body and thus charge the astral body. As soon as the astral body is charged, it begins to enter the astral plane. It is at this state that dreams are experienced.

You may or may not be aware of the departure that takes place while you sleep. It is only when you become conscious of the separation that this phenomenon evolves from a normal dream to an out-of-body experience or lucid dreaming.

Astral projection trance can come in different forms.

Mental projection happens as the physical body is awake and is akin to daydreaming. Bi location on the other hand is a higher level of astral travel, which involves the distortion of space and time as the astral body travels away to a different location from the physical body.