out of body journeys

Today is my 24th birthday. For most people, Links Of London jewelry come be compared as a delicate rose, fragrant smell but with thorns. How many people buy jewelry from Links Of London jewellery ! My dear friend bought a Links Of London Charm as the Birthday gift to give me. He who say birthday say loved ones, candles, cake, gifts and calling into question of ones life.

I had what one could call a roller coaster year. I have been up so high and down so low I had one of the most serious depression episodes I have ever had I had moments of doubts and despair. At some point, I failed to see a purpose to life.. It felt as if I was trapped in a vicious circle and that nothing good was to expect.. I panicked when I realized, after my graduation, that whatever came next was going to mark the end of life as I knew it.

But enough..I think its about time I stopped being hard on myself. I wont linger on what happened during the last year, not today. Instead, I chose to look forwards, consider this day as a new beginning and take a chance on life. So here is a list of things I want to do before my next birthday. Its sort of a bucket list, only with short term goals. I came up with it in an unexpected moment of blurry clarity

1/ Memorize at least one juz of the Coran

2/ Do volunteering and charity work

3/ Get a certification

4/ Travel abroad. Turkey or Syria, havent made up my mind yet.

5/ Write a post in Arabic

6/ Start a therapy and go all the way with it. Its the only chance i can get close to acceptance

7/ Read more books in general, and Arabic books in particular

8/ Get a new look

9/ Spend a weekend out of town

10/ Take a dancing class

11/ Go out with friends more often

12/ Stop being hard on myself

13/ Buy a Links Of London Bracelet as a special gift for someone .I think, Links Of London Bracelets will be the best gifts to express thanks for all the things he had done for me. :)

I would like to end this special post with a song I had in mind all day long yesterday. Dedicated to, well, me :) Let it shine