reiki colours

One of the most important aspects one looks after while purchasing a car is its colour. The car colour not only makes the car look good but also enhances the style statement and personality of a person. After finalizing on the latest in line Ford Ecosport finalizing the colour was one of the toughest jobs I had.

Ford Ecosport is currently available in 7 different colours namely mars Red, Chill, kinetic Blue, Panther Black, Moondust Silver, Sea Grey and Diamond White. Now, instead of choosing the colour on the spur of the moment or selecting from what is available at the dealership I thought to give it some time and no matter how much time it will take I was determined to get only the best that suits my personality, likes and the popularity. Some of the factors I looked upon while deciding the colour were:

  • Emotional impact and personality- Every colour signifies something and reflects the image and mood of the person sitting inside the car. If you are an attention grabber then Red is a perfect colour. If you want to display your wealth and class then certainly Black is the colour you should opt for. Silver is best in hiding dust and reflects in the night while the Chill and Grey colours looks unexciting though Grey is a popular option. But, if you want a simple and neutral yet stylish colour then white is the option for you.
  • Safest Colour- Though not all Indian’s are as concerned as far as safe colours are considered but certainly this is a point one should never ignore. While light colours are more visible then any dark colours in the night thus avoiding several accidents at the same time dark colours are more prone to accidents in the night. White, Silver and Chill are the best suited in terms of visibility as compared to the darker colours.
  • Most Popular Colours- I checked out and researched on the net besides keeping an eye on the road while travelling helped me know which colour is the trend of the season and is currently the most popular.
  • Does the Colour Suits that Car- Darker colours are more suitable for sports car rather than any other. This will not only help us selecting the car caolour that suits our personality but will also help us choose a color that suits the best on that car.

Having taken care of all these factors I chose to opt for a Red coloured Ford Ecosport as I felt that this colour suits my personality as well as the car though you may have a different choice. It also looks sporty and the only issue might be the less visibility in the night.