Is Chakra Healing For You?

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The force slows down with the problem of the chakras or blocked energies.

Development and maturation of chakras gets affected due to this.

Throughout normal working each chakra will spin and open clockwise to metabolize the specific energies desirable from the universal field of energy.

The word Reiki is actually that come from the 2 words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ which means ‘universal’ and the ‘energy of life force’ respectively and hence it refers to the opening and balancing of the life force energy of an individual with spirituality. Reiki training is likewise called palm recovery and this art involves mostly the Reiki master, who directs and stations the favorable cosmos energy to the body of the healee for achieving anxiety decrease, healing and leisure.

This energy is transmitted through the palms of the healer.

The Reiki healer, hence, is the medium through which the infinite favorable energy goes from a greater plane to a body that is infected, and hence heals the illness or injury of the healee. For that reason the word, ‘Reiki training’, describes the training provided a person for becoming a healer so that the individual can direct the flow of energy to another individuals body for the purpose of healing, through the palms

Reiki Chakra Balancing can be practiced in different levels beginning from a mere energizing of the physical body with the heat of one’s palms to targeting a certain hurt or infected location utilizing mystical Reiki symbols.

Hence, it can be seen that Reiki Chakra balancing is all about using one’s hands to transfer energy to that Chakra where it is needed the most so as to balance and line up the exact same for improved wellbeing of the healee.

It can be concluded that Reiki Chakra balancing is most reliable when it is practiced as a proactive method.

The reiki attunement procedure therefore advances where the master puts the recipient’s hands into his own, draws signs, while chanting the name of each sign blowing and tapping with extreme concentration.

This procedure is likewise duplicated for the 3rd eye area.

When this process is finally over, the master violet sign is imagined by the reiki master in his own left palm and he puts it on the recipient’s right palm, and taps, blows and chants. This very same thing is again done with the other palm.

At the end the master pictures, with intense concentration, the sign within the two hands of the recipient, and gradually however gradually joins them together and offers them back to them marking the complete transfer of the art of reiki. When the reiki attunement procedure is lastly over, the master, standing back, acquiesces provide honor to the recipients and their powers, acknowledging them for who they are.

Open chakra of Swadhisthana or the Sacral Chakra by positioning both your hands on your lap, keeping the right one on top of the. Now highly envision the symbol of this chakra, that is an orange lotus with six petals at the sacral part of your body and meditate breathing deeply and using the Sanskrit sound ‘VAM’. Open chakra of Manipura or the Solar plexus chakra by meditating on the ten petalled yellow lotus at the solar plexus portion of your body.

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