Out Of Body The Astral Plane Can Be Visited!

out of body vibrations


Mental preparation is key when astral projecting this is true whether you are just learning, fine-tuning your experiences or if you are an expert.Once you have, the process of preparation down it is easy to reach the space of Out of Body and to control this process. If you have the right assistance to prepare yourself, learning Out Of Body can be easy and even possible to do in a short time.There are professionals who offer lessons, but most people prefer to practice this natural talent in their own home. There are also plenty of resources both online and in books which can help you to prepare yourself.

Out of Body hypnosis recordings are an aid which many find helps them to relax and begin projecting.These recordings can be played on repeat until they reach your subconscious and you begin to astral project.

It is undeniable that the key to successful astral projection and astral travel lies in having control, in that it’s your mind which has the power.

While maintaining focus on the concept of leaving your physical body, one should first only allow a hand or foot to separate.When you can do this you should go ahead and attempt to stretch them towards an object nearby, whether you choose the wall, the ceiling, or even a random item in the room.If you manage to do this successfully then you should allow your hand or foot to return to your physical body.Now go ahead and begin slowing down the vibrations in order to bring your session to an end. With this step you will finally leave your body.Follow steps one through six.

This time your whole body will be used, not just a foot.Move completely into your astral body.A simple adjustment to step six is required.This time you are focusing on releasing the astral body instead of one appendage.Focus on releasing the astral body Thinking how light it feels.As weightless as a cloud, you can float like a feather in a light breeze.Now the astral body should move out and away from the physical body, you feel as though you are floating, or even flying.

There are several methods you can try.

One is the Rope Technique, another the Gazing Method, and another the Anchor Technique.Work with these for a while and see which ones will work best for you.You are sure to find the seven steps to astral projection techniques that will suite you.Spend some time working and learning them. However, you should be aware that not everyone is able to astral project instantly using the above techniques and some of these require a lot of practice. There actually is a faster way of achieving this! With certain innovations in sound technology, many audio type tools are available today to help you.One of the new techniques is the use of Binaural beats which are specialized sound frequencies, which help to synchronize the left and right hemispheres of your brain, allowing immediate meditative state to occur, which is necessary for astral projection. By listening to quality astral projection techniques of hypnosis recordings you can get into a total and complete relaxed state.This reinforce the subconscious mind and lets it know that it is okay for your astral body to leave your physical body. Astral projection really does change the person’s life that attempts it and by practicing these techniques everyone who wishes can experience it too.

You will come across many places online that promise you the thrills of astral projection and travel.Really, it’s not difficult to do if you know how to go about it the right way.Astral projection is said to be a completely natural process that was used frequently be the ancients. Sadly, many modern descendants of these adept ancients have forgotten the art.Astral projection does not, however, require a great deal of mental or spiritual power. However, you should have the power to concentrate on one point — your conscious mind is holding you back, because it has the fear that once you project yourself out of your body, you would not able to come back.This is the subconscious fear which prevents astral travel and astral projection.

Once you can visualize the object when your eyes are closed you will need to take the state you are in deeper.A good method of doing this is glance around (with closed eyes) and notice what you are able to see.Its possible that you may see light patterns that are different, you may notice the room is veiled in purple.

Don’t take too much notice of this, once you cease seeing this light you will have successfully deepened your state.You are so totally relaxed now that you are no longer aware of your body physically.

In this step four you have to enter the Vibration state.

Several people who have been doing astral projection techniques for a long time say they feel the vibration early in the astral projection.It is thought by these people that the feel of vibration is what happens when the astral body starts to leave your physical body.Don’t be alarmed, only feel these vibrations.

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