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Make sure that you know where you are and have an idea where you want to go when you astral project.Mastering Out Of Body relies on learning to control your thoughts until you can astral project at will and be conscious and fully in control of your astral journeys. With the right preparation, out of body can be learned very quickly.There are professional out of body instructors who can show you how to do this, though most people prefer to learn and practice astral projecting in the comfort of their own home. You can find a lot of material online to help you improve your Out of Body abilities.Out of Body hypnosis recordings are especially useful.These recordings help you to reach the meditative state where Out of Body happens the most readily.Many people consider these to be more helpful than a session with a professional since they can be played on repeat until you’re relaxed and your subconscious mind responds to the recorded messages.

Now think about control.

Use the power of your mind, and you will at this point begin a partial separation.This is something that can enhance your control and your ability to affect your astral travel.Start by thinking of yourself as leaving the physical body.Think about an astral vision of your hand stretching away from you, towards the wall or the floor, and then push yourself though it.This can be difficult to master, but take your time.Once you have done this, return your hand or foot back to your physical body, where you will slow down the vibration and return yourself to a full awake and aware stage. Finally, the step where you will leave the body.

Follow all the steps from one through six.This time, you are not releasing just a foot or hand from the physical body.You are going to completely move into your astral body.A simple adjustment is needed, an adjustment to step six.You are not going to focus on one small part of your body, but you are going to focus on the entire astral body.Start by thinking how light your body feels, how weightless it is, like a tiny feather gliding in a soft breeze.At this point the astral body should be moving, out of the physical body.You have the sensation of floating or even flying.

Other popular methods include techniques such as the gazing method, the anchor method, and the rope technique.Ideally, one should spend some time experimenting with the different techniques in order to establish which technique suits you the most.

Remember that this is not something that is instantaneous, and that several of these techniques do require practice and effort. However, a shortcut is available.Because of recent developments in the field of technology, there are many audio tools which can help you.New special sound frequencies known as Binaural beats, can synchronize the brains two hemispheres allowing an instant state of meditation, when needed for astral projection. You can also get into the totally relaxed state needed by listening to quality astral projection techniques hypnosis recordings.

These reinforce to the subconscious mind that it is okay for your astral body to leave your physical body. Irrespective of what anyone may have told you in the past, astral projection is without a doubt a life changing experience, and the good news is, anyone can do it simply by using the techniques mentioned in this article.

Many people have learned how to have an out of body experience any time they want one.The natural ability to astral travel was well known among the Ancients but is a talent that has been lost throughout the generations. Unfortunately the generations of the ancients that are here today have forgotten about the art of astral projection.The good news is that out of body experiences do not require a high level of mental power or spiritual awareness or connectivity. This is not to say that you don’t need to concentrate while you are trying to astral travel.Keep in mind that your conscious mind because it has a fear that once you are out of your body that you will not be able to come back.This fear is what inhibits your ability to astral travel or astral project.

Now When you have successfully seen the object with your eyes closed, you can now deepen the state you are in.

Look around (with eyes still closed) is the best way.Look around see what you can see.You will, possibly see different patterns of light, you might also notice the room cloaked in purple light.Don’t pay much attention to it.When the light can no longer be seen, you will have entered into a deeper state.So thoroughly and completely relaxed, you are no longer aware of your physical body – this is very important. In this step four you have to enter the Vibration state.Several people who have been doing astral projection techniques for a long time say they feel the vibration early in the astral projection.It is thought by these people that the feel of vibration is what happens when the astral body starts to leave your physical body.Don’t be alarmed, only feel these vibrations.

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