Understand The Variety Of Ways To Successful Out Of Body Experience

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You should know where you want to go and only astral project when you are in the proper frame of mind to do so.You want to have control over where your astral body goes and what it does. You can learn Out of Body with relative ease and in little time if you prepare yourself.You could choose to take lessons with Out of Body professionals who can teach you some techniques.Alternately, you could do as most people do and learn on your own. The internet is a good place to find help with your Out Of Body training.Especially good are Out Of Body hypnosis recordings.These recordings are designed to help you achieve the meditative state needed to astral project.A lot of people prefer these recordings to one on one lessons since they can be listened to repeatedly until their subliminal messages reach the subconscious and your body reaches a state of total relaxation.

A vital component to successful astral projection and astral travel is control.

Having control is that the one in power, is your mind.Keeping mentally focused on leaving the physical body.Starting with a part of the body, like a foot or hand.Let it go the astral body.Stretching it to reach an object near you, maybe the wall, floor or another familiar object.Push your hand or foot through.After accomplishing this return your foot or hand back to the physical body Now you start to slow the vibrations and end the session.Lay down until your body has returned fully to an awakened state. At this stage, you are ready to leave the body entirely.Start by repeating steps one through six until you feel comfortable, and then, when you are ready, move completely into your astral body.You will find that this can feel a little strange and that you might need some visualization to get you started.

Think about how you can release your body and how it feels so light.Think about how wind can blow it here and there and how weightless you are.You may feel as though you are flying or floating.

As is to be expected, there are various other techniques which one should try, such as the Rope Technique, Anchor Technique, and the Gazing Method.It is recommended that everyone try these different techniques in order to establish which astral projection technique works best for you as an individual. However, you need to be aware that the seven steps to astral projection techniques are not for everyone and using these techniques require a good deal of practice. When you are looking for a quicker shorter way to get results, remember that you should look at the audio tools that are available to you.There are some important tools that will use special sound frequencies to help you.These frequencies are known as Binaural beats, which will bring the two hemispheres o your brain into synchronization and you will find that it sinks you right into the meditative state You can also get into the totally relaxed state needed by listening to quality astral projection techniques hypnosis recordings.

These reinforce to the subconscious mind that it is okay for your astral body to leave your physical body. Astral projection, truly an experience for anyone who tries it.And with these techniques it’s possible for everyone, who wishes to, to experience it.

There are many places in the internet where one can find the pleasure of astral travel and projection.This projection is very easy as one gets to know of its rules and regulations in the right way.This is supposed as the natural process used long ago by the ancient preachers. The sad part is that many people have forgotten how to do it.The plus is that you do not need to have a high level of spirituality or spiritual power to have an out of body experience and you don’t have to have a high level of mental power either. You will need the power of concentration however.Your conscious mind fears the out of body experience because of the concern that you will not be able to re-enter your body.This feat is what keeps you inside of your body and makes astral projection difficult to accomplish at will.

Once you see the object with your eyes closed you are going to need to deepen the state you are in.The best way to do this is to look around (keeping your eyes closed) and see what you can see.It is possible that you may see different light patterns, you may notice that the room is cloaked in a purple light.Don’t pay to much attention to it, once you stop seeing the light you will know that you have entered a deeper state.You are so completely relaxed at this point that you will no longer be aware of your physical body.

The most important stage when you are looking to get involved with astral projection is when you start to feel Vibrations.Feel for the vibrations that you will get when you leave the physical body.This is not something to be alarmed by; you should simply feel it and embrace it.Remember that the more familiar you get with these vibrations, the better off you will be.As always, take it at your own pace.

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